About Us

African Urban Institute is a leading urban development think tank that promotes the transformation of African cities towards sustainability, prosperity and inclusion. The institute conducts in-depth research, provides policy advisory, and build capacity of urban development professionals. The research agenda and recommendations of the African Urban Institute are rooted in open-minded inquiry and our experts represent diverse points of view.

Our Purpose

Our dedication to support the transformation of African cities rest on four pillars.

Economic Prosperity

We believe successful transformation of African cities depends on their prosperity, the ability to provide for better livelihood.

Environmental Sustainability

We are dedicated to help African cities develop strong environmental sustainability and resilience to combat climate change.

Democratic Governance

We believe in democratic governance as a crucial pillar to steer urban transformation towards more livable cities.

Social Inclusion

Prosperous cities are inclusive societies. We are determined to reduce inequalities in African cities through informed policymaking.

What We Do

Since 2016, the African Urban Institute has been a leading voice in Africa supporting the transformation of African cities towards prosperity, sustainability and inclusiveness through research and advisory. From media appearances in major outlets, conferences and book publishing to top-quality research and engagement, African urban Institute has transformed urban policymaking across Africa.

Research & Analysis

We conduct in-depth research and analysis on urban development in Africa informing urban transformation.

Policy Advisory

We support governments and cities with policy advisory that unlocks the potential of African cities.

Capacity Building

We are dedicated to build capacity of municipalities and urban development professionals to tackle the most pressing urbanisation challenges.

Support Us

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